To better serve our community, BBSYL is offering a new registration option to players and coaches: Travel+.  Travel+ will require a higher level of commitment from coaches, players and parents than the standard Travel option.  Players and coaches who participate in Travel+ will practice a minimum of 2 hours per week during the season and coaches will schedule all games.

Placement on teams will be subject to the level of enrollment to form teams and the availability of spots.  Rosters for these teams will be created with input from the assigned coach and the BBSYL Baseball or Softball Director.

If a player registers for Travel + and is not placed on a Travel+ roster, they will be included in the team formation process under the standard Travel registration.

PARENTS: You can request a specific coach or player to have your player play for/with.  If your child is assigned to a Travel+ roster that does not align with the coach or player request on your registration, you will have 3 days after the roster is posted to request a transfer to a standard Travel team.

COACHES: If you would like to register an entire team, you must have each of your players register and request you as coach.  You will also need to email your intention and roster to [email protected].  Rosters are limited to 12 players.  Full team registration is subject to BBSYL review and approval.

A player cannot be placed on two rosters without written approval from BBSYL.

Any changes that result in a change in registration price will need to be collected prior to roster placement.  If the change results in a lower price, the difference will be refunded.

If you have any questions, please contact: Mike Onorati, BBSYL Baseball Director or Tom Perkins, BBSYL Softball Director.

You must create an account with the website in order to register for Baseball, Softball or Tee Ball.  If you have already registered, you can just login and register.

BBSYL offers financial assistance to those who qualify.  Please contact the board for additional information.